What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Why choose digital marketing over traditional marketing?
Generally, when a firm tends to start the marketing process, jumps to the traditional way, no doubt
it gives the satisfaction and assurance of doing it by own and may more advantages. But it’s not
possible to sustain in this rapidly growing competitive with the old concept. Every business needs a
platform, where it can connect with the audience mostly the targeted audience, who is genuinely
interested. And that platform can be digital marketing.” it can be the new tradition to follow the
digital marketing”.
What is digital marketing and how does it work practically?
Basically, digital marketing is the term for marketing of product or service or any idea through
technology just by using the internet and also include mobile phones.
Digital marketing has certain techniques, which makes it accessible for a company to understand
and follow them to accomplish the objective of the business.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which makes it effortless for the customer to find out what he is
exactly looking for. It directly hurts the keywords, which are been typed by the customer and shows
the best results about that particular product or service.
Creative Content Marketing, this not only convey the idea to the customer of service or product but
also it composes an image of whatsoever is given in the content. Creative content should be always
a point to consider while choosing an agency as the written text can approach many and if the
customer gets the results as expected or the beyond the expectation then surely will further
recommend others.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps to set up the knowingness of the product or service through
the social media sites. Ex: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and
many others. It allows the customer to get the service at home rather than going for market
prepared services.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) generates the goal-oriented web traffic and make the people
aware of using the website. It allows us to make the website which includes well-written text, eye-
catching digital pictures and videos so that people can share easily with others through web link and
get engage with the website. SMO is also an effective way of promoting online reputation
management, which means if someone tries to give the bad reviews then SMO ensures to not show
the negative feedback on the first place.
Email Marketing can’t be taken for granted as it’s still the best way to send mail, cause every sent
mail is personal and people always love little attention, so it makes them read the mail. It involves
advertisement, business request or donation or other and builds as well as the trust to costumers.
Sending email creates a relationship between the sender and receiver, also if the customer gets
some benefit out of it then would prescribe to others.

A list of the things company should keep in mind before choosing the right digital marketing agency.
• Firstly, determine what exactly organisation want an agency to do for them and then choose the
right one. Ex: general or specific; large or small.
• Then make the agenda what should be in source and what should be outsourced.
• Timely feedbacks should be taken into consideration from costumers.
• While connecting with the costumers be more clear and careful about the product or service
• The agency should be flexible and a quick decision maker at the time of emergency.

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